Welcome to my online curriculum. Here you will find a sample of my works, although some of them are under NDA, and not included here.

   I am an experienced packaging and POS/POP structural designer, with a packaging specific French university degree. My experience includes designing and conceptualizing boxes and FSDU/CDUs for international markets such as beauty-care, media, publishing and premium drinks. I have also studied and gained experience in photography and motion graphics but I maintain this site as an area to display and promote my professional profile in the packaging and POP industry, field in which I am specialising for some years now.

     Please see below for specific list of my experience:


  1. I have used extensive creative and technical skill to conceptualise, design and develop printed packing and POS/POP samples meeting the highest level of finishes within customer’s established deadlines.

  1. I have worked applying creative industrial design solutions to structural design problems, economically optimising materials costs, production processes and logistics required in my projects.

  1. I have proven experience with materials including corrugated, cardboard/display board, carton/FBB, Correx, foam board, Foamex, Forex (Smartx), PVC, Priplack and papers with different finishes (metal, leather, cloth, plastic...)

  1. I am familiar with the medium and design needs within the paper industry (printing, varnishing, laminating, cutting, folding, glueing, covering  etc...)

  1. I have an excellent photo and video background, having set up, operated and maintained a sample photographic library, very useful for sales.

  1. I have knowledge and experience on creating custom an reusable standards and parametrics, very useful to reduce the time needed for design.

Javier Varela

Packaging & POS/POP Structural Designer

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